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Mobile Event Screen Printing Truck for live, onsite t-shirt screen printing event in Denver, Colorado,  Nashville, Tennesse and Los Angeles

Event Screen Printing w/ Hey Dude Shoes, Denver

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a mobile screen printing truck. Much like a food truck only we serve up piping hot t-shirts, totes and bandanas off this beauty! Even quicker than a food truck. Hey Dude guests loved the added vinyl branding on the truck.

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turnkey mobile branding campaign onsite event printing

Multi U.S. City Brand Campaign w/ Nike

We pulled out all of the stops for this 6 city, Nationwide, Nike & Dick's Sporting Goods Truck Campaign with our fully vinyl branded trucks and mobile heat press units. We customized basketball jerseys for the youth athletes with their names.

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Nationwide Brand Campaign w/ Nike & Dick's Sporting Goods
Live Onsite Customizing Event Jerseys


Live Screen Printing for REEF's brand party, Southern California

We showcased our new San Diego City Sprinter with REEF vinyl logo's for their company brand party.

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Live Event Screen Printing
- Brand Activations -

Onsite Screen Printing - Corporate Party, Denver

We amazed the guests and employees from Canvas Credit Union for their Corporate gathering with our Live Screen Printing PUP (Pop Up Press)

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Promotional Marketing Sample Vending Vehicle Trucks

Promotional Vending Sample Food trucks brand activations advertising campaigns

Promotional, Vending & Experiential Vehicle Insights

Beyond the shiny wheels and dazzling displays, successful experiential vehicle activations require careful planning and a strategic approach. Here's your guide to navigating the exciting (and sometimes bumpy) road to brand success:

Permits and Parking:

  1. City Regulations: While most cities don't require permits for promotional vehicles, it's crucial to research local ordinances. And, if you're activating inside a park or festival, ask if your vehicle is allowed on grassy surfaces. Planning ahead avoids surprise headaches and ensures a smooth rollout.
  2. Targeted Visibility: Secure venue and parking permits if you have a specific location in mind. Imagine your vibrant food truck enticing lunchtime crowds outside specific office buildings, near retailers, or even competitors!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:

  1. Expert Partners: While you could purchase, convert, and deploy a vehilce in-house, most brands partner with an agency specializing in experiential marketing vehicles. They handle driver logistics, vehicle management, and activation expertise, freeing you to focus on brand magic.
  2. Regional Teams: Minimize travel expenses and maximize efficiency by assigning dedicated experiential vehicle teams to each region of the United States. Creating two vehicles might be a significant upfront cost, but you'll save your budget in the long run, as travel between regions in the US takes up a lot of time.

Amplify Your Reach:

  1. Digital Dynamos: Integrate your vehicle with your digital brand strategy. Think live social media updates and interactive challenges; tag your brand on social to receive a sample, photo activities, and QR codes for chance-to-win contests. 
  2. Influencer Ignition: Partner with relevant local influencers to generate hype, authenticity, and engagement for your vehicle activation. Their endorsement can be the spark that ignites a social media wildfire for your brand.

Essential Logistics:

  1. Budget Savvy: Don't let operational costs dim your shine. Be sure to factor in overnight parking, daily cleaning, travel & lodging, fuel, nightly parking, and regular maintenance to avoid budget hiccups.
  2. Safety First: Prioritize safety with clear protocols and contingency plans. From weather emergencies to equipment malfunctions, be prepared to handle anything the road throws your way.
  3. Peace of Mind: Secure comprehensive insurance coverage for your vehicle, staff, and the public. It's crucial to protect your investment and ensure everyone's well-being.


  • Staff It Up: Friendly and knowledgeable brand ambassadors paired with a reliable onsite producer and driver are the winning team for your mobile marketing masterpiece.
  • Content is King: Capture engaging photos, videos, and testimonials during activations. This valuable content fuels your experiential marketing efforts and extends the life of your campaign.

By following these insights and prioritizing strategic planning, your experiential vehicle activations will become a powerhouse of meaningful connections, driving real results. So, buckle up, get creative, and hit the road to brand success!

Bonus Tip: Even though this is real-world marketing, embrace technology to the max! Explore virtual reality experiences, interactive displays, and gamified elements to wow your audience and create lasting memories.


Experiential marketing vehicle activations are available nationwide from New York City to Chicago to Los Angeles and every city in between.



  1. Experiential vehicles do the heavy lifting regarding brand objectives - reach new audiences, create memorable experiences, showcase your brand, create content, and drive sales with experiential vehicles.
  2. Choose a vehicle that aligns with your brand personality and campaign goals, whether it's the charm of a vintage van or the modern appeal of a mobile showroom.
  3.  Select an experiential vehicle that meets your logistical needs - each style has its advantages and disadvantages.
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