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Mobile Event Screen Printing Truck for live, onsite t-shirt screen printing event in Denver, Colorado,  Nashville, Tennesse and Los Angeles

Event Screen Printing w/ Hey Dude Shoes, Denver

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a mobile screen printing truck. Much like a food truck only we serve up piping hot t-shirts, totes and bandanas off this beauty! Even quicker than a food truck. Hey Dude guests loved the added vinyl branding on the truck.

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turnkey mobile branding campaign onsite event printing

Multi U.S. City Brand Campaign w/ Nike

We pulled out all of the stops for this 6 city, Nationwide, Nike & Dick's Sporting Goods Truck Campaign with our fully vinyl branded trucks and mobile heat press units. We customized basketball jerseys for the youth athletes with their names.

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Nationwide Brand Campaign w/ Nike & Dick's Sporting Goods
Live Onsite Customizing Event Jerseys


Live Screen Printing for REEF's brand party, Southern California

We showcased our new San Diego City Sprinter with REEF vinyl logo's for their company brand party.

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Live Event Screen Printing
- Brand Activations -

Onsite Screen Printing - Corporate Party, Denver

We amazed the guests and employees from Canvas Credit Union for their Corporate gathering with our Live Screen Printing PUP (Pop Up Press)

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#StreetFleet - Mobile Bicycle Advertising

High-Impact & Cost-Effective Outdoor Advertising

The Silk Screen Machine's, #StreetFleet is a mobile bicycle billboard designed specifically to reach people on the move and go where no outdoor ad has gone before - straight to the heart of your target audience. Which is precisely why #StreetFleet is perfect for attention-grabbing advertising campaigns, delivering your message at the right time, to the right people, with the lowest cost per thousand impressions. Coupled with our Experiential Mobile Trucks the #StreetFleet is an affordable solution not just for businesses and companies seeking to advertise more efficiently, but also for agencies looking for simple, budget-friendly business ideas.
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#StreetFleet - Bicycle Advertising

Unique and Effective OOH Advertising Solutions


#StreetFleet is the ideal advertising vehicle for areas where other outdoor media are restricted, such as squares, markets, pedestrian areas or events. Perfect for outdoor marketing and advertising agencies looking for a unique way to get eyes on your clients brand and products. Combine with our Experiential Truck Campaigns for OOH or Out Of Home advertising at it's best.

We know how to get eyes on your brand!
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